Prix Henry DunantWelcome to the official site of Fondation Prix Henry Dunant!

The Prix Henry Dunant is intended to reward individuals or organizations having made significant contributions to the study, spread, and renewal of the ideas and achievements of Henry Dunant.

The Foundation’s aim in awarding the prize is to bring due attention and credit to the efforts of those who embody a spiritual commitment in fighting for human dignity with their research, their ideas, and their gift for communication.

The Foundation awards the Prize in two forms: the Henry Dunant – Field Prize, and the Henry Dunant – Research Prize. In both cases, the Prize consists of a certificate and a sum of money. Download our flyer in pdf format.

Recent News

Mars 2021: The Costa Rica Red Cross published a video to celebrate Henry Dunant’s 110 death anniversary with our favorite actors 😉

February 2021: Mr. Jonathan Somer is currently Legal Advisor to the Danish Red Cross.

December 2020: Dyanne Marenco Gonzalèz, the 2020 Field recipient, is appointed as vice-president of the Costa Rica Red Cross.

30 October 2020: the 2020 Henry Dunant Prize – Research has been awarded to Mrs. Yulia Mogutova for her Master’s thesis « Mind the Gap : Right to life of State’s own military personnel in conduct of hostilities ».

8 March 2020 : The 2019 Prize – Field was awarded to Ms Dyanne Marenco Gonzalèz (lawyer at the Costa Rica Red Cross) and to M. Auner Garcia Garcia (Nicaragua Red Cross director). The ceremony took place at the General Assembly of the Costa Rica Red Cross in San Jose.

1 August 2020 : the Foundation is happy to announce that Ms Gloria Gaggioli is the new director of the Académie de Droit international humanitaire et de Droits humains. She received an accessit in 2005 for her paper “The Role of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in Exercising the Security Council’s Peacekeeping Powers”.

January 2020: We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Sabrina Henry, laureate of the Henry Dunant Prize – Research 2016, has published an article in the International Review of the Red Cross, Volume 100, Number 907/908/909, “150 Years of Humanitarian Action”, pp. 267-285, entitled “Exploring the ‘continuous combat function’ concept in armed conflicts: Time for an extended application?”. The introductory paragraph mentions that this article is an abbreviated version of the author’s LLM thesis which earned her the 2016 Henry Dunant Research prize. The publication of this article underlines one of the objectives of the Henry Dunant prize – to encourage research in the areas of action of Henry Dunant and to spread the knowledge of the life and actions of Henry Dunant.

November 2019: Update from our 2013 Research recipient, Maria Giovanna Pietropaolo, who is currently in Italy working with UNHCR providing legal assistance to migrants reaching Europe by crossing the Mediterranean.

25 October 2019: The 2019 Prize – Research was awarded to Mrs Lizaveta Tarasevich.

2 October 2018 : The 2019 Prize – Field was awarded by anticipation jointly to Mrs Maria Grazia Baccolo and Mr Paolo Vianni at the seat of the Red Cross of Tuscany in Florence, Italy, 3 weeks before Mr Paolo Vianni passed away, with the participation of the president of the Italian Red Cross, Francesco Rocca.

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