We owe the idea of a Henry Dunant Prize to the founders of the Foundation: Pierrette Mourgue d’Algue, great-grand-niece of Henry Dunant, and Roger Durand, president of the Henry Dunant Society.

Henry Dunant’s name will forever be remembered in association with the Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

While some of the other ideals, achievements, and activities of the Genevan philanthropist may be less recognized, they nonetheless touch upon this very same humanitarian aspiration: the reconciliation, through mutual respect and solidarity, of inhabitants sharing the same world.

The Prix Henry Dunant is awarded according to any one or a number of these principles. The Foundation’s aim in awarding the prize is to bring attention to the role of those who, like Henry Dunant before them, embody a spiritual commitment in fighting for human dignity with their research, ideas, and their gift for communication.
The Foundation awards the Prize in two forms: the Henry Dunant – Field Prize, and the Henry Dunant – Research Prize.

The Henry Dunant – Field Prize was awarded for the first time in 1995. Its aim is to reward those people whose work is remarkable in that it strives to deepen, expand and renew the ideas and commitments of Henry Dunant.

The Henry Dunant – Research Prize was awarded for the first time in 2005 and is the fruit of a partnership with the Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in Geneva (ADH). Awarded annually as part of the ADH teaching program, its aim is to reward outstanding academic work which strives to deepen, expand and renew the ideas of Henry Dunant through law.