Board of Trustees

Roger Durand, president
Marie Caroline Fel, secretary
Caty Clément
François Bugnion
Morgane Desboeufs
Cécile Dunant Martinez
Etienne Kuster
Antoine Mourgue d’Algue

Previous Members of the Board of Trustees

Pierrette Mourgue d’Algue, membre d’honneur
Costin van Berchem
Eric Dunant
Nicolas Florquin
Jean-Pierre Gaume
Nicolas Gonet
Pierre-André Mourgue d’Algue † (obituary)
Eric Sarasin
Daniel Udrisart †
Olivier Vodoz

The Award

The Prix Henry Dunant is intended to bring attention and credit to the efforts of those who embody a spiritual commitment in fighting for human dignity with their research, their ideas, and their gift for communication – download our flyer(2020 pdf, in French).


MM. Mourgue d’Algue et Cie, bankers
Henry Dunant Society/Société Henry Dunant
Fondation Ludovica (The Netherlands)

Fondation Prix Henry Dunant wishes to thank all the individuals and organisations who have supported the Foundation’s efforts since its inception, as well as all those who wish to support it in the future, either through participating in the nomination of candidates for the Prize, through their own efforts, or through their generous donations allowing for the further work of Fondation Prix Henry Dunant.

Fondation Prix Henry Dunant
c/o Fidumandat SA
rue de la Fontaine 5
1204 Geneva

ccp: 12-23335-5

The Foundation is registered with the Federal Register of Foundations.

Board of Trustees Bios

Roger Durand, born in 1945, studied in Geneva where he obtained a masters degree in history. After being the Faculty of Arts director, he taught at middle and high schools in Geneva for some thirty years, during which it was also dean for twenty years. Founder and President of the Henry Dunant Society since 1975, he has been in the Louis Appia Society, the Bernard Barbey Committee as well as in the Fondation Prix Henry Dunant and Fondation Gustave Ador. It has organized and continues to organize scientific symposia, study tours, commemorations, plaques commemoratives and other sculptures related to Henry Dunant, Gustave Moynier, Gustave Ador, Elie Ducommun, Valerie de Gasparin, Guillaume Henri Dufour, the founders of the Red Cross, etc.
Author of numerous papers, articles or books on Henry Dunant and the founders of humanitarian aid in Geneva, he is currently preparing biographies of Louis Appia and Theodore Maunoir.

Marie-Caroline Fel studied art history and the restoration of works of art in Paris, Düsseldorf, London and Madrid during 1980 and 1988. In the second half of the 1990s, Marie-Caroline Fel and her husband opened their own art gallery in Singapore. Art collector since 1989 and since her return to Europe, she currently manages their art collection. Daughter of Pierrette Mourgue d’Algue-Wyss, great-great-grandniece of Henry Dunant, she joined the Board of Trustees for the Prix Henry Dunant in November 2008.

Dr. Caty Clément has worked extensively in Africa focusing on conflict and fragile states on leadership, peacebuilding and DDR/SSR. Caty worked and lived in the Sahel, the Great Lakes, and Somalia both as a practitioner and an academic. She is currently a member of the Board of the Prize Henry Dunant Foundation, Interpeace’s International Advisory Team, and an Associate Fellow of the GCSP.
As a practitioner, Dr Clément has been an expert at the UN Security Council Group of Experts on DRC Arms Embargo, directed the Great Lakes Project for the International Crisis Group, and was team leader for the World Bank. As an academic, Caty was a fellow at the Harvard University Kennedy School and taught both at the University of Geneva and Louvain. Dr Clément also lead the peacebuilding and mediation activities, and directed numerous courses such as the Masters in International Security or the Senior Leaders Peacebuilding Course at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). Caty Clément holds a PhD International Relations and Comparative Politics and has published extensively on peacebuilding, SSR, and fragile states.

François Bugnion, Bachelor of Arts and Doctor in Political Sciences, is an independent consultant in international humanitarian law and humanitarian action.  He joined the International Committee of the Red Cross in 1970 and served the institution as delegate in Israel and the occupied territories, Bangladesh, Turkey and Cyprus, and then as head of mission in Chad, Vietnam and Cambodia.  From 2000 to 2006, he was director for International Law and Cooperation at the ICRC.  Since May 2010, he is a member of the ICRC.  He published more than 80 articles or books on international humanitarian law or Red Cross history, in particular:

  •  The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Protection of War Victims, ICRC, Geneva, and MacMillan, Oxford, October 2003, LXVII & 1161 pages (original French; translated into Chinese, English and Russian).
  • De Budapest à Saigon, Histoire du Comité international de la Croix-Rouge, vol. IV, 1956-1965, ICRC & Georg Éditeur, Geneva, 2009, 628 pages (book written with Mrs Françoise Perret).
  • Gustave Moynier (1826-1910), Humanitarian Geneva, Geneva, 2011, 96 pages (Original French; book translated into Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Korean and Macedonian).

Morgane Desboeufs obtains her bachelor’s and master’s degree in law in Geneva. Passionate about art and the cultures associated with it, she completes her academic background with a bachelor degree in art history and archeology in Paris. Legal advisor, she currently works for an NGO active in the defence of human rights.  Great, great grandniece of Henry Dunant, she was welcomed to the Foundation in June 2014.

Cécile Dunant Martinez, great-great- grandniece of Henry Dunant, was born in Geneva where she did all her studies. After obtaining her diploma in commercial studies, she made several missions as a volunteer in the humanitarian field, particularly in Africa and Central America. She currently works and for many years, in the banking sector.
She is a member of the Société Henry Dunant together with her father Bernard Dunant, just like her grandfather Paul Dunant (grandnephew of Henry Dunant) who was one of the first members and who had kept various personal items of Henry Dunant, including the Nobel Prize.
She is very concerned about all humanitarian needs and she is particularly interested in the whole work of her great-great- granduncle, sharing his ideas and profoundly convinced of its impact over the generations.

Etienne Kuster is Senior Adviser for relations with academic circles at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). He has worked for the ICRC in various capacities since 2006. After missions in Pakistan and Thailand, he joined headquarters in 2011. In his current role, he leads, supports and advises on relations with IHL-related academics, universities and think tanks worldwide. He is also in charge of reference tools, such as ‘How does law protect in war?’, ‘International Humanitarian Law: A Comprehensive Introduction’ or the ICRC’s ‘IHL’ app. Furthermore, he organizes or supports various high-level academic events (Advanced IHL Seminar for Academics and Policymakers, Jean-Pictet Competition, Paul Reuter Prize). Beyond the Henry Dunant Prize Foundation, Etienne Kuster sits for the ICRC on the board of various specialized institutions, such as the Geneva Academy of international humanitarian law and human rights (“Geneva Academy”), the Paul Reuter Commission, or the Jean-Pictet Fund. He holds a law degree from the University of Geneva and a MAS in IHL from the Geneva Academy.

Fondation Prix Henry Dunant –
Board of Trustees

From left to right: François Bugnion, Marie-Caroline Fel, Pierre-André Mourgue d'Algue, Caty Clément, Nicolas Florquin, Morgane Desboeuf, Roger Durand.
From left to right: François Bugnion, Marie-Caroline Fel, Pierre-André Mourgue d’Algue, Caty Clément, Nicolas Florquin, Morgane Desboeuf, Roger Durand.