Pierre-André Mourgue d’Algue, 1960-2023

Pierre-André Mourgue d’AlgueThe Board of the Henry Dunant Prize Foundation has the sad duty to announce the death of Pierre-André Mourgue d’Algue, by a leukemia which broke out in March 2021 and against which he fought courageously until the end.

Partner at Mourgue d’Algue & Cie, Banquiers Privés, then member of the executive committee of the bank Gonet & Cie SA after the merger with the latter in 2018, Pierre-André began his career as an investment banker in 1984 in New York, then in London in 1989. He joined the family private bank in Geneva in 2005. Holder of an MBA from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science from Long Island University.

In 2002, Pierre-André joined the Foundation Board, as a member of the branch of the Dunant family which made the creation of our Foundation possible in 1986.[1]

First of all, we are losing an outstanding treasurer. Having succeeded his mother, Madame Pierrette Mourgue d’Algue, co-founder of the Foundation, as representative of the family on our Board, he immediately accepted the position of treasurer. Thanks to his excellent management of our finances, he was able to leverage our financial resources and develop them to the point that the Foundation can now award two Prizes each year: a Henry Dunant Research Prize and a Henry Dunant Field Prize.

He also had excellent knowledge of the humanitarian world. Indeed, alongside his commitment to the preservation of nature and animals, he was also active in several philanthropic institutions.

Above all, he is such a pleasant traveling companion that we see leaving with a heavy heart. For more than twenty years, he has participated in all our sessions, ensuring on the one hand the smooth financial running of our Foundation, but also providing a friendly contribution allowing our discussions and our decisions to take place in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

The Council expresses its deep sympathy to Pierre-André’s parents: Pierrette and Georges-Emile, to his sons Antoine and Raphaël, to his sister Marie-Caroline, as well as to the other members of his family.

[1] Among Pierre-André’s motivations, let us note his status as a descendant of Henry Dunant, through his mother Madame Pierrette Mourgue d’Algue, née Wyss, who created the Henry Dunant Prize Foundation in close collaboration with the Henry Dunant Society . It was in 1998 that the Henry Dunant Prize Association transformed into the Henry Dunant Prize Foundation.

As the founder of the Red Cross did not marry and did not have children, it was through his brother Daniel Dunant that a direct genealogical link was established. Daniel had a daughter Andrienne Dunant who married the chemist Georges Wyss. From their union was born Pierre Wyss Dunant, Pierrette’s father. Pierrette is the wife of Georges-Emile Mourgue d’Algue. Remember that Pierre-André’s sister, Marie Caroline Fel and her cousin Morgane Desboeufs represent the descendants of Henry Dunant, within the Foundation, alongside Cécile Dunant Martinez, herself belonging to the branch descended from the son from the same Daniel: Charles Dunant.